Perception And Perception: The True Meaning Of Perception

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Most people might be confused of the true meaning of perception, and how does it relate to sensation? Additionally, how does it affect us as human beings? Perception is the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information. On the other hand, sensation is the awareness of the world around us; it is the process by which sensory systems and the nervous system receive stimuli from the environment. Perception is considered to be the interpretation and analysis of what individuals take in through their senses. For example, sensation allows a person to know that an object is a small, brown circle that has a hard surface, and it can be held in a person’s hand. It also has a pleasant aroma when someone smells it and a satisfying crunch when a person bites into it. While chewing this object, it produces a sweet and sugary taste. The analysis of this data leads to the perception that the person’s eating a chocolate chip cookie. Perception does not just involve becoming consciously aware of the object. It also has to do with the ability to interpret and give meaning to the object, and this is known as recognition. The recognition stage allows a person to make sense of the world surrounding us. Humans are able to understand and react to the world around us when they place objects in meaningful categories. After perceiving and recognizing an object, an action occurs. The action can be a major action, like running toward a person that is suffering, or a minor action like
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