Role Of Perception In Advertising

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Most people might be confused of the true meaning of perception, and how does it relate to sensation? Additionally, how does it affect us as human beings? Perception is the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information. On the other hand, sensation is the awareness of the world around us; it is the process by which sensory systems and the nervous system receive stimuli from the environment. Perception is considered to be the interpretation and analysis of what individuals take in through their senses. For example, sensation allows a person to know that an object is a small, brown circle that has a hard surface, and it can be held in a person’s hand. It also has a pleasant aroma when someone smells it and a satisfying crunch…show more content…
After perceiving and recognizing an object, an action occurs. The action can be a major action, like running toward a person that is suffering, or a minor action like chewing a cookie or blinking an eye in response to dust.
After giving you an overview of the actual meaning of perception, you will have an easier time in comprehending the reason behind perception being important in advertising. The psychology of advertising involves many different elements such as visual appeal and message, however one of the major factors to keep in mind while creating an advertisement is perception. Perception in advertising relates to a consumer 's impression of a particular product or service that may not be rooted in truth. For example, a soda commercial using a fit, thin TV-show star drinking their product may distort a consumer perception of the brand, in addition to what they may look like after drinking it. This technique is called testimonial, where it shows a famous actor promoting a product. It is planned or meant that when the consumer thinks of the celebrity, he/she will think of the product. This perception through advertising works to encourage more demand from consumers to
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For instance, a Coca-Cola commercial set is on a sunny, tropical beach, which can make a person feel that he/she can loosen up and unwind if he/she drinks the specific soda. There are various ways advertisers can go about with when altering consumers ' perception of their product. Advertisers can appeal to people’s emotions of a particular product by incorporating songs, symbols and more into their ads in order to touch on particular emotions. For example, a group’s advertisement in our psychology class included a sorrowful song and a cute dog in their ad to trigger our emotional perceptions of the particular product, which was a leash. This specific group was very successful in appealing to our sad emotions, which lead us as consumers in wanting to buy the product, which was the leash. They also used another technique in their ad that was testimonial, where they allowed Barak Obama to promote their product. Another persuasive technique in advertising is humor, which they also used. The advertisers allowed the owners to carry his cute dog and twirl around
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