Perception In Lars And The Real Girl

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“What behind your eyes holds more power than what in front of them,” Gary Zukav a four time consecutive New York Times Best Seller once said. In other words, each situation has multiple different views because as humans we choose what we want to see. The continuous or subconscious decision to see or not see something is directly influenced by one 's sense and surrounds affects what someone understands. This comprehension of what happening is commonly known as perception. Since perception can either impede or enhance a situation either way it is better to look at the positive side of things.
In the movie Lars and the Real Girl, the main character Lars decides he wants a relationship; however, he does not understand how to go about. As a child, Lar grew up with a father who was extremely emotional distant after Lars mom died during childbirth. One day at work, Lars finds a solution through a co-worker. A short time after, a human side doll arrives in the mall and Lars names her Bianca, while instantly falling in love with her. Throughout the movie, one see how different people respond to Bianca being Lars girlfriend and what he thinks of her. Overall, there was a very different perceptions between what Lars
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Dagmar seems to have a better grasp on what happening. Due to the fact, that Lars does not seem to to suffering from any mental illness, Dr. Dagmar completes a three step process called perception checking to better grasp on the situation. The biggest factor she takes into consideration is all of Lars’s personal narratives. Since she understands that Lars’s and Gus’s father was emotionally distant, she believes this is part of his healing process to gain and learn communication skills in a relationship. Additionally, she uses punctuation, which means she processes the order of the events that happened. Karin, Lars’s sister-in-law, is pregnant; with that in mind, she believes that Lars craves to create a family similar to his
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