Perception In Othello

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The Effect of Individuals Perception on Their Motives

There is a tendency for pessimistic individuals to desire what optimistic people have or obtain, creating dilemmas for individuals who perceive society to be pleasurable. In the play Othello written by William Shakespeare, the character Iago suggests that if individuals perceive society to be negative it may cause them to become jealous of others, happiness and good fortunes; which may lead to the use of manipulation and dishonesty to satisfy their vengeance. Iago is pessimistic, believing society is deserving of retributions as they have taken what he deem his own, so he becomes devious and manipulative to achieve Iago’s jealousy towards Othello. Shakespeare introduces Iago as a manipulative,
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Iago believes the only way a servant will not be outdone by their leaders is to put their own desires in front of their masters. Iago does this by manipulating Othello, and everyone dear to him, to fulfill Iago’s desires of vengeance towards Othello. Furthermore, Iago believes that Othello has robbed him of the role of lieutenant, and his wife. Leading Iago to suspect that Othello is “leap[ing] into [his] seat”, (1,2,285) suggesting that his wrongfulness stems from Othello depriving him of his ambitions, and passions, inducing a bitter hatred towards Othello. However, Iago influences Othello by tricking him into thinking Iago is “full of love and honesty” (3,3,119) when in reality he is using Othello to meet his desires. None of the characters understand Iago’s intentions and believe his honest act is his true identity when in reality Iago is manipulating his master to fulfill his intentions. Iago influences Othello, and exploits his weaknesses; “till [he] is even with [Othello]” (1,2,288) essentially achieving his desires. Iago uses Othello as a pawn to influence, and stimulate jealousy creating chaos around him. He does this by manipulating everyone close to Othello into believing Cassio is having an affair with Desdemona, causing him to direct all of his attention to
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