Perception In The Movie The Blind Side

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The movie “The Blind Side” is an inspirational true story of real events that have taken place. This movie opens up viewers eyes to outside experiences. Viewers have the chance to get an inside look on just how much of an impact regular people can make on someone who has perhaps had a rough start to their life. Quoted from The Blind Side “When you open your eyes the past is gone, the world is a good place, and it’s all going to be ok.” From the main character in the film, Michael Oher. This text just represents all that there is to understand in the film. As Michael is representing this text he assures that in the end everything is going to be ok. He has lived through his past which carried the roughest memories he has had to face and now those are over he can proceed with only the positive moments in his…show more content…
Michael is a heavy set, dark skinned color, teenage boy who has dreams set on his future. Michael’s role in the film is to make an impact not only on himself, but on his new family. Michael Oher didn’t have the best start to life. Having an alcoholic, single mother with multiple siblings, all living in poverty, having to grow up around the influence of drugs and alcohol always surrounding him. Michael was unable to dig himself out of his past alone, with the help of a positive family he can reach to achieve his goals. In Leigh Anne Tuoghy’s conversation from the film “you’re changing that boy’s life.” As she replied with “no, he’s changing mine.” This simple sentence acknowledges just how much of an impact Leigh Anne made as an outside experience to Michael. An outside experience can make a life changing impact on someone who is perhaps less fortunate and needs just a boost of self confidence. By helping others, in this case, allowed Michael to reach the top of his dreams and allow for his dreams to become his
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