Perception Theory

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Does the perception of the world change on a person to person basis? Introduction Perception is the way that our brains organize, interpret and put into context the world around us. Perception changes from person to person because of everyday factors in their lives that cause a shift in how people interpret and view the world around them, and consequently how they interact with the world as a result. By looking at The Historian as Participant by Arthur Schlesinger, we can see that everything in the world is viewed in a different way because of who someone is as a person and because of what they have gone through in their lives and how big of an imagination they may have, as stated in The Historian as Participant, the perception of historical…show more content…
All of these factors play a part in disproving the direct perception theory and help to back-up the indirect perception theory that plays a role in people's lives because those factors determine how we feel about events that occur in our daily lives and how we view everything that happens in the world on a daily basis. The best part about perception is that it is never stops changing because what is happening in the world around us is also constantly changing. This topic is important because if we can learn what causes people to react certain ways during specific events because if we can learn how perception is built, then we can eventually figure out how to change it to match whatever we want it to be for what we want or need it to be. An individual's perception of the world is made up of millions of factors for people's everyday lives that seem insignificant, but the little factors in life are what shape a person's perception and change it depending on what happens to a person throughout their life. This is why perception changes are an important topic because it leads to a better understanding of why humans do the things that they do which would create a better understanding of the human race as a whole. A limitation of this topic is that every single person in the world as a different perception, and that research most likely not be able to determine everything there's to know about perception because it varies so much and the technology out now is not advanced enough to determine just what exactly makes people perceive things the way they
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