Perceptions And Development Of Structuralism In The 20th Century

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382. Structuralism The term Structuralism first appeared in a 1928 paper by ROMAN JACOBSON and I. TYNIANOV. Basically, inauguration of the movement was done by LEVI STARUSS. Structuralism started in 1950s in France and went at the top level in 1960. This intellectual movement was in vogue in 1970s. Structuralism, in fact, was born from the linguistics of FERDINAND DE SAUSSURE. SAUSSURE wrote COURSE IN GENERAL LINGUISTICS (1915). Structuralism is a distinct way of thinking about the world. It is related to the perceptions and description of structures. Three basic notions were developed by SAUSSURE in his Course lecture during1907-11: 1. Lague and parole, 2. Arbitrary relationship between signifier and signified, 3. Need to define linguistic entities rationally. The Russian linguist ROMAN JACOBSON linked structuralism to the 20th century. According to SAUSSURE, sign is made up of signified and signifier, and there is an arbitrary relationship between them. SAUSSURE thinks that language has only differences. There are no positive terms, because language is a play of difference. The play is played by differal and difference. SAUSSURE thinks that another meaning is possible because of flexibility in language. According to SAUSSURE, language has a controller, guiding principle, which controls the free play of signifier. He focused on the centrality of human subject. He thinks that center exists, somewhere exists. Meaning of a text is possible because of structure, or

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