Percy Jackson Analysis

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Can you imagine being under the pressure to be a hero, or trust someone who failed you, or even pressuring yourself about being powerless? In the Percy Jackson series, the characters Percy, Nico di Angelo, and Hazel experience pressures that sometimes crumble their emotions and make them lose trust in themselves. These pressures change the book because they can make characters lose trust in themselves and lose battles. In conclusion, character views shape the series because of how they can change characters on the inside and outside. Percy Jackson is always pressured by his friends to be a hero and sometimes he struggles with it. In the following quote, Percy is reflecting back on his battle with Chrysaor, “The more heroic stuff he did, the more he realized how limited he was” In this quote, Percy shows that his pressure is always being heroic. Percy is thinking about how his friends always depend on him to be a hero. In the battle before this quote, Percy was defeated and only beat his enemy by trickery. Percy is always pressured by his friends because throughout his life as a demigod his friends always have pressured him to be a hero. Percy’s emotions are sometimes crumbled because his friends always depend on him and Percy is always depressed when he fails someone or can’t save a life. Percy also loses some trust in himself when he has two chances to kill Chrysaor and fails on both. Percy also struggles with the pressure because he knows that Chrysaor could
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