Percy Jackson And The Olympians Analysis

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1.1 Introduction Myths, Legends and Lores have been around since time immemorial. Be it through oral form of storytelling or written form, the concept of a God or a higher being has persisted through the years. The Greeks and the Romans were no strangers to this concept. They too had, not only a wide but also a diverse variety of gods all with supernatural strengths and traits particular to their area of proficiency. Though the years may have passed or the civilizations may have eroded, it is these characters and their extraordinary characteristics that have endured till today. Not only have they persisted, they have been re-popularized in recent years through the 21st Century media. One of the best examples of this can be given through the popular mythological and adventure fiction series by Rick Riordan called Percy Jackson and the Olympians which, through its modern writing, depicts the story of the life of a young Demigod. Though the tale is aimed at a young demographic, throughout the plot and storyline of the series, however, there is an intricate inlay of Greek and Roman myths which, while entertaining to most readers, a scholar of Literature would find most refreshing. These references to the Greek Gods in the modern pentology can also find its roots in Ovid’s Metamorphosis in which we find their Roman counterparts. Ovid 's Metamorphoses is a collection of poems chronicling the history of the creation of the world, according to the poet. Consisting of fifteen fully
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