Percy Jackson Book Vs Book Analysis

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A lot of books are made into movies. Sometimes, the movie is an accurate representation of the characters, plot, and setting. Some movies, however, share very little with the book(s) they were based on. The first Percy Jackson movie is an example of an adaptation that did not correlate with the book by Rick Riordan. The differences between the Lightning Thief book and its movie include the appearance of the central characters, the personalities of the main characters, and the ending.
The appearance of a few significant characters are quite different in the book and the movie. Annabeth in the book is described as having blonde hair and has gray eyes. Annabeth in the movie was portrayed with brown hair and blue eyes. Grover in the book is caucasian
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Annabeth, for example, loves architecture, is very smart, and is a highly skilled fighter. Her intelligence and passion for architecture are underplayed in the movie, while her inheritance of battle strategy and fighting skills from her mom, Athena, are emphasized. Grover is a goofy, awkward, true friend to Percy in the book. Within the first chapter, he had taken pieces of the class bully’s (Nancy Bobofit’s) peanut butter and ketchup sandwich to the head for him. In the movie, he is dumbed down to a “girl-crazy ‘comic’ relief” (as stated by Wan, Book vs. Movie: The Lightning Thief). He has a few “cringeworthy” lines and “does what he can with [them].” Meanwhile, in the book, Percy accepts being a half- blood. He can’t do anything else. He and his demigod friend’s lives are constantly in danger, and that has been proven to him. He quickly adapts and finds himself on a quest to return the master bolt to Zeus. Movie Percy never really moves on from the fact that his dad is a god. He is in a sort of shock throughout the whole movie. Personality is arguably the most crucial feature of a person, and the protagonists are still recognizable by their character, but the movie tweaks it just enough to change the feel of the
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