Percy Jackson Chapter Summaries

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In the bok, The Sea of Monsters, Percy Jackson sets on a quest to save Camp Half Blood. Percy had a vivid dream he has had been thinking of his friend Grover. Percy is not sure what the dream means, but he has to focus on school. When Percy arrives at school he and his friend Tyson, are picked on by a group of new boys that have just stated. Tyson tells Percy that the boys smell weird and then the bullys begin to turn into monsters and attack Percy. Tyson saves percy and Percy's friend Annabeth shows up to help Percy also, and they beat the monsters. Percy, Annabeth, and Tyson go to Camp Half-Blood right away. When they get there Percy finds out that someone has poisoned the magical tree, Zeus' daughter, was hurt. Thalia's tree (the magic tree) protects the camp but since it is hurt the camp is under constant attack from all kinds of monsters. When Percy gets to the Camp he realizes Tyson is not a big silly kid, but a cyclops and also the son of Poseidon, so this means he is percys half brother. Percy and other peopl are told…show more content…
They then board a boat lead by a school mate, and a crew full of dead soldiers. The boat eventually is destroyed and Percy thinks everyone died except him, and Annabeth. When Percy, and Annabeth get to the Island, they find out that Grover is being held captive by Polyphemus(a cyclops). They save Grover and the thing that can save Thalia's tree which will save Camp Half Blood. A golden fleece is what they needed to save the tree. trying to escape Tyson shows up and helps them fight off, and get away from Polyphemus. When they get back too Camp Half Blood with the golden fleece, they save the tree. When the golden fleece is put on Thalia's tree, Thalia raises from the tree all better. Percy figures out that Thalia could be the child that the prophecy talks about, the one that could destroy Olympus, and that this is the reason the tree had been
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