Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief: Differences Between Book And Movie

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Chase Strong
Mr. Kerr
English 3
May 24 2023
Percy Jackson The Lightning Thief Book and Movie There have been 2 different depictions of the Percy Jackson story, the book written by Rick Riordan in 2005 and the movie adaptation that was released 5 years later in 2010. The story is about a boy named Percy Jackson who finds out he is a demigod, half human and half god, and that his father is Poseidan King of the Seas. While both the movie and the book are based around the same story they ended up being drastically different from each other. The differences become apparent immediately. The book starts us off by introducing us to the main character Percy Jackson, a 12 year old troubled demi-god who is recapping the events of a field trip that he …show more content…

He learns that his dad was Poseidon and why he always loved the water and meets new friends like Annabeth who are vital to forming his character. He is given a quest by the oracle which foresees his future and that he will find and return the Lightning Bolt but will also be unable to save what matters the most. Once he embarks on his quest with the help of his best friend Grover, and Annabeth, the differences between book and movie become extremely apparent, they are very different. One major difference was Annabeth and Percy’s relationship with each other, in the book considering they were 12 they had a completely platonic relationship and were just friends, but in the movie they formed a romantic relationship with each other after encountering hardship together. Another change is the roles of the gods, in the book Ares opposes Percy and is a major plot point in which the friendship of the characters is developed but is almost completely written out in the movie, having no relevance to the story. Hades is also portrayed as an evil character out to get Percy in the and a main villain movie but in the book is a character who doesn’t want to cause a lot of trouble in Olympis, he just wants his Helm of Darkness back. They completely altered the course of the story with slight similarities in setting and characters, but drastic differences in the

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