Percy Jackson's Labyrinth

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In the book The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan, the author reveals to us the next obstacle in Percy Jackson’s seemingly endless war against the titan lord Kronos. Percy,Annabeth,Tyson, and Grover are off for another quest, this time venturing into the depths of the Labyrinth to find Daedalus’ workshop. On their journey they meet a Hundred Handed One, named Briares,kill a demon rancher,fight a giant,and meet Kronos the Titan. What’s more, they still make it back to camp in time to fight for their camp against an enormous army of monsters. If I could be friends with Percy from The Battle of The Labyrinth I definitely would because he is very loyal,very strong,and very nice. The first reason I would want to be his friend is that Percy…show more content…
On pages 205 and 206 Percy unleashes the greater part of his strength while being assaulted by Telekhines and makes Mount St.Helens erupt, bringing about major harm and awakening the all powerful Typhoon. This, added to the way he generally needs to ensure his friends safety implies he could shield me from nearly anything giving me yet another reason to be his friend. The last reason I would want to be his friend is that he is very nice and has a great and funny personality. In the book when Percy finds Nico he is very nice to him despite the fact that Nico hated Percy and blamed him for Bianca Di Angelo’s unfortunate death. This just shows that Percy is a nice and forgiving individual. In another part when Percy defeats Ethan in a battle to the death he does not kill him even though he knows Ethan is a traitor. This just goes to show Percy is very nice and would be a truly amazing friend. In conclusion, I would want to be Percy’s friend for many reasons such as his extreme loyalty to his friends and his nice personality. Being Percy’s friend would be a truly amazing thing and would make me so happy. It would also be very nice to have a powerful and protective person like Percy as a buddy. Percy from The Battle of the Labyrinth is the most awesome person ever and would be such a great
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