Percy Jackson's Thief: The Reasons To Delineate The Book

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Percy Jackson THe LIghtning Thief book... or movie? He is a hero, a demigod. Percy is a 12 year old boy the son of Posidon. He lived with his mother Sally, and his stinky stepfather Gabe. But that all changes when he gets to Camp Half-Blood. The movie does not accurately portray novel because there were to many substantial dissimilarities. Here are a few of the most tremendous reasons. The first prominent reason why the movie does not accurately delineate the novel is in the movie they never show Clarisse. This is a crucial reason because Clarisse maiming Percy during capture the flag is how they discovered he is Posidon's son. Additionally, There was no bathroom incident which started a rivalry between Clarisse and her cabinmates with Percy. In the novel Clarisse injures Percy with her electric spear during capture the flag, however in the film Annabeth…show more content…
In the book when Percy returned Chiron was jovial and relieved but in the movie Chiron was irate with him for leaving but glad he made it back. This is important because the reactions were virtually complete opposite. Additionally, There was no Oracle or prophecy and without the Oracle Percy would have never known about the solstice and getting the master bolt back to Zues. Furthermore, without the prophecy he wouldn't have known about "the god who turned." ( Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief (book) ) With the quantity of scenes missing, things changed, and different portrayal of characters, the movie did not support the novel. One of the reasons for this is they didn't show Clarisse which is about 30 minutes of events that led up to the quest. Another reason is he didn't get a quest he left on his own changing everyone's reaction when he left and when he got bak. In conclusion, the movie does not accurately portray the
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