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On the date of April 11th, 1899, Elizabeth Lena Adams, and James Sumner Julian, brought little Percy Julian into the world. Little did they know, that their African American son, born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama; would become one of the best chemists America has ever come to name. And it all started with this boy’s love for plants, his father’s adoration for plants and the magic behind their stems.

Amidst his youthful times, Percy was an astute and devoted student, who sought to ascertain a complete education, even though, as an African American it wasn’t in his favor to do so, as were many other things. Born in the times of white supremacy, and Jim Crow laws, Percy as a result, had to face the repercussions that came along with being
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This is a serious condition in the eye that eventually leads to complete loss of sight, thankfully this form of treatment was created. Physostigmine would work by increasing the drainage of fluid, by limiting the constriction of the outflow channels in the eye. In addition, they were not only recognized by doctors, and scientists, but also the press; an example would be the American Chemical Society. This was a high honor, and an excellent form of publicity; overall it was a step up in his career. To continue, Percy was also able to extract stigmasterol. Of which was similarly discovered by German scientists, Butenandt and Fernholz, who were strategizing ways it could be converted to progesterone, when isolated. Percy fortunately was able to complete this experiment using his own foam technique .Basically, without him Bruce Jenner wouldn’t be able to embrace Caitlyn Jenner. Neither would be able to limit the amount of babies brought into the world…show more content…
Following their birth, Percy continued his research in his very own Julian Laboratory, of which he worked hard to bring to life. Consequently, in 1948 Percy was able to synthesize Reichstein 's Substance S; this is used to produce hydrocortisone, which was finally utilized to fabricate a treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. If you don’t already know, rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disorder that affects numerous joints including some in the hands, feet, arms and legs. Within that year he also able to develop a synthesis for a group of steroids, this included, but is not limited to ;4,5-epoxy steroids, 16,17-epoxy steroids, 21- iodo steroids, 17-hydroxy steroids, 4-halo steroids and more. The next chapter in his life involved much with fighting for the rights of African Americas. Seeing as how a black man, smarter than a majority of the white population was put under so much ridicule, he wondered how it felt for the average black man. After selling his company for $2.3 million he became an African Americans rights activist, while finally gaining his recognitions for all of his accomplishments. Sadly, in 1975 he passed away, due to the severity of his liver

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