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Percy L. Julian was one of the greatest scientific minds that ever lived. He made many medical advances in history that help us today. Even though he was denied high school education, he was still able to learn at an astonishing rate. He helped contribute to many different and huge medical advances and without those the world would be a very different place. Thanks to him we can live knowing that we will be able to live to be healthy and old into our later years.
Percy L. Julian was born in Montgomery, Alabama on the 11th of April in 1899. He was the grandson of former slaves and didn’t have much respect around his community. He attended school until eighth grade. He was denied high school entry when it came time because of his race and did not
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After running the institute for many years he then suddenly died of liver cancer on April 19th, 1975. Julian was the first african american chemist elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 1973. Percy Julian also had a wife. Her name was Anna Roselle. They met each other at Howard University in 1935. She was accused of having an affair with another one of the people at work. They eventually got married in the same year they found each other and they eventually had two kids later on. After the scandal was over and done with, Julian was fired and he and his family moved to Oak Park,
Illinois in 1951. But before they moved in, the house was tragically firebombed.
If it wasn’t for Percy Julian we probably wouldn’t be able to have the luxury of growing old. If he hadn’t discovered treatments for some of the different forms of arthritis, then we would probably have a lot more medical problems in present time. Thanks to him we can live comfortably with ourselves. Though he was denied various times by different colleges, he still went on to make a difference into the world. That’s what Percy Julian did for the medical community and the rest of the
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