Percy The Demi-God Character Analysis

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Percy discovered he was a demi-god in the sixth grade, when a monster chased after him and his mom. After being placed at Camp Half-Blood, he found out who he really is and what he must do to to protect the camp. Percy is a brave and determined demi-god who would do anything to protect what he loves. After his first quest to return Zeus 's lightning bolt, Percy has realized he can’t let anything happen to Camp Half-Blood. Once he found out that the magical borders have been poisoned, he makes it his mission to go save the camp and get the only cure. Young Percy is the protagonist of the series. When we meet him is a 12 year old student at a private school for troubled kids. We also learn that Percy has dyslexia and ADHD which sometimes helps him when he is on quests.…show more content…
Percy 's "dyslexia" is actually due to the fact that Percy 's brain is supposed to read the letters of Ancient Greek while his ADHD is more like his "battle-field reflexes" and demigod senses. Since Percy is the son of one of the big three gods (Zeus, Poseidon or Hades), his powers are a lot stronger than other demigods. As the son of Poseidon his powers mainly revolve around water. He can breath underwater and control it. Water can also heal Percy when he touches it. Since it’s said that Poseidon was the god who created horses, Percy also has the ability to telepathically communicate with sea creatures and animals that have horse-like traits. Percy also has bathed in the River Styx which makes him immortal. He can only be hurt in one spot, which is in his lower
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