Percy's Essay, Invasion By Benjamin Percy

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Although gentrification has positive aspects on the society, the natives may not be pleased by the changes that gentrification has brought. Percy expresses his emotions towards gentrification using Bend, Oregon, USA, as an example in his narrative essay, Invasion. Throughout the essay, he paints a picture of old Bend, his hometown, and describes the physical changes, process of gentrification, that took place during his absence. Meanwhile, he also expresses his unsatisfaction towards gentrification since the natives feel alienated and the town landmarks are replaced with chain stores. Through the essay, Invasion, Benjamin Percy expresses misery towards gentrification since it has brought massive changes to natives’ hometown, which make the natives feel isolated from their home community, and it has neglected town landmarks for economic growth. In the essay, Invasion, Percy exhibits his sorrow against gentrification because gentrification brought massive structural and cultural changes to Bend, which makes the natives feel alienated. When the speaker comes back to Bend, Percy uses imagery to describe the physical changes that gentrification has brought to Bend. He mentions that big stores replaced acres of sagebrush, baseball court, sawmills and…show more content…
Invasion tells the story of a man/woman narrates the audience through old Bend, before gentrification took place, and new Bend, after gentrification took place, by using imageries to paint images of new and old Bend. He uses the first person speaker to represent the natives’ expresses sorrow towards the fact that the town landmarks and the unique native community went extinct in the process of gentrification. Through Invasion, Percy tells the consequences of gentrification and questions his readers whether the positive effects of gentrification out balance the
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