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I am reading Lies by Michael Grant, which is the third book in the Gone series, and I am on page 174. Throughout this part of the novel, Perdido Beach begins to look more towards thriving than surviving. The town does this by setting up a town council and implementing a currency system. This currency system resolves the settlement’s problem of getting kids to work as it gives the workers an incentive to perform their duties. With everyone working, the town begins to prosper. Despite the prosperity, a girl named Orsay claims to be able to speak to people outside the Fallout Alley Youth Zone, also known as the FAYZ. This prompts children to leave the FAYZ on their 14th birthday, and it also inspires a religion. In this journal, I will be characterizing…show more content…
To begin, Astrid is strong willed. This is indicated throughout the novel as she constantly attempts to push her beliefs and opinions upon others. This quote by Astrid illustrates this, “You don’t get to decide that Sam” (Grant 90). One forcing his or her own beliefs upon another person can often make that person seem arrogant or conceited which is what Astrid is doing. On the other hand, it can show how committed to their cause that person is. In essence, willing to fight for a cause is a great accomplishment because it shows that the person is willing to lose everything for their beliefs, and that is a sign of being strong-willed. Furthermore, Astrid prefers to solve problems as soon as they arise. Astrid came to the realization that Sam could not successfully lead the town himself; this prompted her to rally for the creation of a town council (Grant 53). The need to get tasks done is the sole reason for advancements in society. Without a person like Astrid, humans would still be in the Stone Age because nobody would be willing to toil for hours on end to complete a project. Astrid is also the definition of what Americans aspire to be as she invents ideas that no one else would, and she does what needs to be done to prosper. Clearly, this makes Astrid strong willed because a strong willed person works hard everyday to repair their problems. More so, Astrid yearns to be aware of the settlements’…show more content…
Without a doubt, Astrid is strong-willed as she solves in to her problems without faltering. In addition to being strong willed, Astrid is logical. One noteworthy point for support is that she is known for being smart. As stated by every child within the Fallout Alley Youth Zone, “Astrid the Genius” (Grant 91). The way others think of a person is an accurate way to determine the unique personality traits that person possesses because people are bad at determining their own traits due to personal bias. If every person in the Fallout Alley Youth Zone refers to Astrid as “Astrid the Genius”, she is clearly a logical person as her intelligence defines the way people view her. People are accurate at picking apart a person’s traits, and this is why Astrid is logical. Furthermore, Astrid is constantly looking for logical answers to illogical events. This is shown when she attempts to discover how to keep children from taking the “poof”, effectively killing themselves (Grant 68). Astrid cannot seem to accept the fact that some questions cannot be answered logically. This causes a plethora of problems for her, as the need to search for answers causes her to argue and fight with other Perdido Beach counsel member (Grant 68). Despite this, Astrid’s logical

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