Peregrine Falcons Research Paper

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Have you seen the amazing peregrine falcons , dive down great heights for their prey, or even circle the sky? You probably, most likely have. Peregrine Falcons are very common animals. They live in a vast majority of the world making them very common birds. They typically live 13 to 20 years in the wild. They are very fast animals that reach high speeds. Peregrine falcons have amazing features that help them survive. Their look, habitat, diet, interactions, and adaptations are all vital to their survival.

Peregrine falcons have different features whether they are adults, female, male, or minors. Adults are usually black white and gray, with a white breast and barred underparts. They have a distinctive black marking under their eyes
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For example they have a sleek body that supports their high speed, which is necessary for catching their prey. They can reach high speeds of over 300 mph! They have keen eyesight that helps them when soaring up in the sky. Their vision is up to 8 times better than that of a human. They also have sharp talons and sharp hooked beaks used for hunting. Peregrine Falcons are tertiary consumers. They are near the top of the food chain and one of the top birds of prey . However,not being at the top, means they have predators. Peregrine falcons should look out for their partners, also known as , the other birds of prey. These animals include the great horned owl and a golden eagle. For the younger birds, with nests closer to the ground, the predators are large cats, bears foxes and wolverines. Sometimes a human takes an egg from a nest to study and raise falconry on. In their ecosystem Peregrine Falcons are important. They regulate the population of their prey, and are vulnerable to many diseases, parasites, and external parasites. They are also a big help to humans because they kill millions animals and insects that destroy crops.

Peregrine Falcons are unique animals, with incredible features. Their description,diet, habitat, adaptations and interactions are distinctive to them. They have amazing abilities that make them dangerous birds of prey. They are clever hunters with a variety of prey. Overall Peregrine Falcons are
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