Peregrines Home For Peculagar Analysis

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The four stories all share the gothic elements of psychological issues and death, all of the authors were trying to spread the word that you shouldn’t take anything or anyone in life for granted.
Miss. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children and A rose for Emily both share the gothic element of psychological issues. “Miss Emily met them at the door…she told them her father is not dead.”(Faulkner 1071)”Like when she brought the rat poison, the arsenic.”(Faulkner 1071)”Wait until everyone’s asleep and then slide down the chimney like Santa Cause and BLAM...Brains on the wall.”(Riggs 238) The authors of these two stories were showing what could happen when you lose the only person that you had in your life and what could happen to you when you have
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“Alicia fainted no more, but visibly she was heading for death.”(Quiroga 1)”When your parents died did you know? Could you feel it?”(Riggs 108) “I thought about how my great grandparents starved to death.”(Riggs 108) No matter how old you are you should live life to the fullest because you don’t know how much time you have on this earth to spend with your loved ones or what they are going through if they live in a different state than you.
The black cat share the gothic element of psychological issues with Miss Peregrines Home for
The Peculiar Children. “This hideous murder accomplished I set myself forth with… many projects I entered my mind.”(Poe 4)”And now was I indeed wretched beyond wretchedness of mere humanity.”(Poe 3)”They’re coming for me I don’t know how they found me all these years, but they did.”(Riggs 21) Don’t trust anyone because they can end up turning on you because they end up thinking that you are leaving them for something or someone else.
After reading all of the stories, In conclusion I believe that all of the authors were trying to spread the message of you should never live in the past because it’ll soon come back to torture you
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