Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children Analysis

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Rachel Lewis
Honors English 5th
Miss. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Summery Miss. Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children is the story of Jacob Portman, a moody teen who discovers, through a series of dangerous adventures, that his grandpa's fables of monsters and children with strange powers are actually true. As it crosses back and forth between the past and present, and as Jacob learns past truths about his grandpa and new truths about himself, therrative pays thematic attention to the question of what constitutes individual identity, and also explores the differences between appearance and reality. Jacob Portman starts his story by describing his relationship with his grandpa - specifically, how Grandpa Portman told intriguing
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One day, however, as he's searching the ruins, he encounters a girl whom he recognizes from one of the photos his grandpa showed him from his childhood. He follows her, but the girl turns the tables on him and takes him hostage, taking him through a mysterious tunnel into the past. There, the Home is not yet bombed and there, the girl and several other children with special abilities make their home under the strict protection of Miss Peregrine, a middle aged woman who can turn back and forth into a bird and who keeps them safe in a time loop that repeats the same, safe, perfect day over and over again. Elated to discover that his grandpa was telling the truth, concerned about the secrets that Miss Peregrine and the girl seem to be keeping, and worried about what his father would say if he learned the truth, Jacob returns to the village where he and his dad are staying. He tells his father that he's made new friends on the other side of the island, but he doesn't tell him they're hidden in the past. Over the next few days, Jacob goes back and forth between the past and the present, finding the past more attractive (the girl specifically) and the present more frightening. When he pass news on to Miss Peregrine, Jacob is shocked to learn that the killings from the present are most likely the result of attacks by monsters in human form in search of food…show more content…
They discover that they were, in fact, the result of attacks by a monster who, in turn, attempts to have them killed by a hollowgast. Jacob and the others escape from the hollowgast. Jacob faces it alone and kills it, but a short time later finds out, along with the others in his group, that Miss Peregrine has been kidnapped by the monster. Jacob and the girl lead a rescue effort, killing the monster and rescuing Miss Peregrine. Meanwhile, something has gone wrong with Miss Peregrine's time loop, and time in the past is moving forward at its regular rate. Jacob decides to stay in the past with the girl and his new friends, searching out both new loops in which to hide and doing what they can to help others like them fight off monsters and
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