Perelandra Rhetorical Analysis

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Ransom responds to the first tempting by doing nothing. He wanted to join the conversation but “found himself throughout there dialogue confronted with an intolerable contradiction. Something which was and was not Weston was talking.” Satan manifests himself through Weston, and Ransom notices. From this point on Weston is not referred to by his human name alone, but by Un-man. However, looking past this, Ransom fails in countering the Un-man. He loses this battle and he begins to doubt if his being there in Perelandra is to prevent a disaster. He makes excuses that maybe he needs to do nothing at all but be a witness. Ransom’s response to the second tempting is to constantly stand by the Green Lady and verbally fight the Un-man. The tempting…show more content…
He also questions the Lady, helping her understand the follies of the Un-man’s teachings, and gives her information that the Un-Man has hidden from her. When the Lady experiences Fear for the first time, Un-man says that it’s feeling will go away. Ransom interrupts saying, “It will never go away if you (the Lady) do what he wishes. It is into more and more fear that he is leading you.” Un-man attempts a rhetorical question to shake off Ransom, but the Lady quickly replies. The Un-man speaks in reference to a man’s vanity with the help of a mirror and the Lady asks if it is good. Ransom answers her with a ‘no’ but Un-man says, “How can you find out without trying?” Ransom replies, “If you do it and it is not good, how do you know whether you will be able to stop doing it?” Ransom refers to Adam who sinned, and because of that He and all humanity fell and we, without God’s saving grace, are eternally sinful and cannot stop sinning. Altogether, Ransom verbally protected the Green Lady poorly. When fighting Satan, instead of using a reasonable explanation that makes sense to him, Ransom should have used the Bible. Ransom should have made the Lady understand that she should obey Maleldil because she loves Him, to disobey Him is to hate and distrust Him. To obey Him is to love and trust Him. Ransom did not use it and so could not defend the Lady properly. Only till he acts and attacks the Un-man does he fulfill his role as Kinsman

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