Benefits Of Having A Perfect Body

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Topic : Let’s have a perfect body.

Do you want to have a perfect body? Nowadays, it has many restaurants and the roadside food stall that makes other people has a chubbiness. This is a reason that makes other people neglect to have a perfect body. But some people also want to have a perfect body. We must have many methods for fit and have a good health. For example ; Chris Murphy says “Kelly Brook is perfect for science, the research took into account body measurements, age, face, lips, nose, and hair. The model has stated many times that she had suffered because of her body.” (2016, Chris Murphy, 22nd) There are many ways in improving myself such as an exercising, a relaxing, and the way to eat.

Having a perfect body must start
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Someone may not think that this method will not have an effect on oneself. We must have a hard exercise. But someone may think that only relaxing will make us have a slim body. Each person also has a different method. Firstly, the sleeping sufficiently is the crucial reason. The sleeping habit, the most people in Thailand have a bad behavior in the sleeping. They only get a sleep only 5-6 hours per night . It also makes them feel bad when they get up in the morning and it makes a human anatomy system have an unusual. In fact, It is believed that we should get 7-8 hours for sleep per night for a strong health. (2013, Dr.Mercola, 18th) When we get sleep sufficiently, we also will not be tired in among day and having power in exercising more and more. Secondly, doing another activity for attracting an interesting. When you worry about your body, it has many disadvantages. The one of disadvantage is a tension. It will make a bad result to our body. That is a pimple. A pimple happens from a stress. Therefore, doing another activity make us do not worry about a shape all the time such as reading a book, play a computer game, and doing the activity with the family etc. Lastly watching how to make clean food on the internet, the clean food is the food that who wants to have a slim body because it has fewer calories. Watching a clip on the internet have many benefits because on the internet have a lot of details or information about hot to make a slim body. The clean food also has a benefit too. It makes you can control your weight by counting calories. You can search an information from Youtube and Google. Both Youtube and Google have a lot of method for making clean food. It is convenient and it is using your time wisely. Relaxing also have a lot of benefit for people who wants to have a perfect body. In other hands, Rashelle Isip argues that “most people often volunteer too much of
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