Perfect Coaches Research Paper

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The Qualifications of a Perfect Coach
Don Shula once said “I think what coaching is all about, is taking players and analyzing there ability, put them in a position where they can excel within the framework of the team winning” Being a coach for any sport is not an easy job. A coach is someone that players have to rally behind and be confident in. Very few coaches possess all the qualities of being a perfect coach. However there are few who do hold all the right qualifications and traits of a great coach. The first quality of being a good coach is leadership. In any sport there needs to be a leader. Every team needs someone that the players can believe in to lend them to victory. Sports can be very similar to war. In order to win in war, troops need a good captain who has the right battle plan, and in order to win in sports, players need a good coach who has the right game plan. A coach also needs to build a relationship with their players. It’s easier to learn from someone you trust. Coaches must successfully inaugurate restrictions and build trust by being clear about the learning and development purposes they set, showing good judgment, being patient and following through on any promises and agreements they make. A coach needs to be someone players can trust with issues on and off the field.
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If a player never learns from their mistakes they will constantly repeat them over and over. Coaches need to take those players aside and show them the mistakes they are making and show them how to improve. Coaches cannot be critics, they have to be teachers. Good coaches allow their players permission to fail and make mistakes. They impart in their players the understanding that mistakes and failures are nothing more than feedback, feedback about what you they wrong and specifically about what you need to do differently next time they are on the
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