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How To Pull A Perfect Espresso Shot at Home
All those coffee lovers out there, a dream of becoming a 5-star barista like at Starbucks or Café Coffee Day and all the leading cafes. To master the art of brewing and to make a steaming cup of coffee to kick the sleep off, you first need to know the types of coffee. There are three types of coffees depending upon the concentration of milk and water.
● Latte - Latte is a regular coffee with half portion of milk and half portion of water. It is brewed under steam and pressure to make a cup.
● Cappuccino- Cappuccino is brewed with more concentration of milk and less concentration of water. It is usually made to savor during a conversation.
Espresso- Espresso is made with real coffee and water. It
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Aeropress procedure
Using an Aeropress can be a tough job in the beginning but once you are used to using it, nothing better. Aeropress helps you achieve the pressure you require and the temperature that is required to brew your coffee. To start with an Aeropress, put the drain cap and rinse it with hot water. Put the mug below the drain and apply pressure over the lid. This will pour the coffee into your cup which will be real espresso. Make sure that the container is sturdy so that it does not break on repeated use or it does not fall down spilling the hot water on you. Source:
6. Tamping the coffee
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You can use a cylinder-shaped item to tamp the coffee beans down in the machine. Source:
7. Stirring
Now, what will be the amount of water you will require? Pour around 120 milliliters of water in the Aeropress and stir the solution. This is the exact amount you will need to make a mug of espresso. Source:
8. Plunger and resistance
As discussed in the above step, it's hard to use the plunger in the beginning, but eventually, you get used to it. When you press the plunger for the first time, you will face a little resistance from the machine, but you have to be confident and keep pressing it. This will give the exact pressure and release it when it is completely pressed. It will automatically come up. Source:
9. Perfect Espresso in the Mug
When the procedure is completed, you will get a perfect espresso in your mug. Serve it in your coffee mug and enjoy the rest of the day on caffeine. To clean the Aeropress, press the plunger in the dustbin to remove the grounds and rinse it with hot water. Source:

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