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Perfect places for weekend-getaway in and around Indore : Indore, the largest city of Madhya Pradesh and it’s democratic capital too has many regions in and around it for a perfect holiday. Let’s see some of those wonderful places:- 1.Rajwada Source: ddlogo.blogspot Rajwada Palace is one of the oldest historical monuments, situated in Indore. It was built in 18th century by Marathas of Holkar dynasty. It is a great example of architecture and was built in three styles namely Mughal, French and Maratha styles. It has garden with a statue of Queen Devi AhilyaBai Holkar. Rajwada Palace is open for visitors throughout the year in the visiting hours. During festive seasons, it is completely decorated with lights and it looks extremely fantastic. Also there is Sarafa Bazar, which is a perfect place to buy various products at extremely low prices. From evening, there are a lot of food stalls and shops open which remain open upto 2 in night. Perfect place to enjoy weekends and to have variety of food and sweets. The food items are very tasty and awesome. 2.Chokhi Dhani Source: travelwithdarshik Chokhi Dhani, as it’s name reveals, is basically a type of Rajasthani and North Indian style resort. It’s concept is very innovative and different, it is a kind of…show more content…
We can reach Sanchi in 4 hours from Indore city by road. It is very famous for its great Stupas and is a Buddhist area. There are many places to visit here as- Sanchi Stupas, Udayagiri Caves, ASI Museum, Chetiyagiri temple. It is a perfect place to visit and explore Buddhist architecture. There are numerous temples, monasteries and the main point of attraction of tourists is the Ashoka Pillar . The great bowl and Four Dwars or Torans or Gateways which surrounds the Sancho stupa are also beautiful work of architecture. It is a wonderful place to visit and learn about history, art and

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