'Perfect In Georgiana's Birthmark'

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Have you ever starting disliking something about yourself because of what someone said? Or have you ever tried to perfect those so called flaws? That’s exactly what happened in the “Birthmark”. In the “Birthmark” the theme of the story is that it is foolish to strive for perfection.
We know that us humans can never be perfect but we still try to be and in the birthmark has a good way of showing that. We know that’s the theme because in the story when Aylmer starts pointing out Georgiana’s birthmark she starts getting self-conscious about it. Aylmer’s dislikeness toward her birthmark made her want to remove it and be the perfect thing that Aylmer wanted her to be.. “It needed but a glance with the peculiar expression that his face often wore
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The theme in the story tells me that I have to appreciate myself and love me and my flaws or I won’t be happy. I shouldn’t let what others think of me affect how I think of myself. Being perfect isn’t everything as long as you’re happy and comfortable with who you are that’s all that matters. We’re all humans so no matter what we do we won’t be perfect. There’s so much criticizing we lose sight of what there’s good in us because all we worry about is the negativity in us instead of focusing on the positive things that we like about ourselves. Instead of looking at yourself in the mirror everyday criticizing yourself we should start pointing out the positive things and start complimenting yourselves you’ll be happier that way it. Even if you did perfect one of those flaws somehow in a surgical way you’ll always find something else to be negative about so either you never win. It’s better to overcome those flaws and be proud of what you are. Appreciate what you have and what you are because you could have it
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