Perfect Indian Man Case Study

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Top 10 + 1 Products for the Perfect Indian Man Gone are the days of being embarrassed by the wonderful smell of sambar and curry that wafted along with the clothes your colleagues wore to work, or shocked by the guided missile explosions from those unshaven armpits that unerringly hit your nostrils when traveling in crowded trains and buses. The modern confident Indian male not only earns more but is also extra attentive to his body, clothes and hair. The thriving business of hair salons is testament to that. The male grooming market is expected to hit INR 5300 crore (11% Y-o-Y) this year, according to a study by Euromonitor, which means more splurging on creams, lotions, sprays and gels. These wannabe babe-magnets need to look better on…show more content…
There was a time when Gokul Santol and Ponds powder were dominating Indian households, and they still do. But other brands have upped their game and are fast-emerging alternatives. Talcum powder is useful for keeping the skin dry and helping prevent rashes and red spots. Yardley Gentleman Talcum Powder provides a cooling effect on your body and also smells good while doing it. My dad likes Yardley, you will too. Moisturiser Rs. 235 for 300ml You body loses moisture especially after a warm bath. Apply immediately within minutes of stepping out of the bath tub or anytime your skin feels dry. Vaseline Total Moisture Aloe Fresh Lotion is perfect and does not give me that greasy feeling. Deodarant Rs. 289 for 50ml Body sprays are a popular brand in India especially for the younger lot but I personally prefer the Brut anti-perspirant roll-ons. Who would not want a roomful of women swoon when the wonderful smell of Axe deo spray wafts across the room? Old Spice has been around for much longer and goes better with a slightly older set. Hair oil Rs. 85 for 250ml Its back to the roots once again. Nothing better than coconut oil compared to all the synthetic stuff out there. Parachute coconut oil, it is for

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