Perfect Parents In The Everdeens And The Snows

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Since the Everdeens and the Snows are different kinds of parents, Katniss and Kristina develop into different kinds of women. Katniss uses her father’s death and her mother’s depression to her advantage, since these circumstances, although unfortunate, provider her with the opportunity to learn how to hunt, gather, trade at the Hob, and cook. Her parents’ impact on her causes Katniss to become a fighter and tackle whatever obstacles are thrown her way, no matter how overwhelming they seem. Kristina, on the other hand, succumbs to the negative influence of her parents, instead of rising above it and using her less than ideal circumstances to empower her to become a better person. She falls into the junkie lifestyle in the hopes that she can escape her painful family dynamic that includes an absent, drug addicted father, and a mother who barely pays any attention to her and denies her obvious drug addiction. The behavior of each set of parents deeply influences the development of each girl as a person, but also proves that despite the type of parent featured within YA literature, these characters are always designed to give the protagonist increased independence throughout the novel, and embark on their own journeys without parental interference. Since young adult literature is specifically geared toward adolescents, the less than perfect parents depicted in novels like The Hunger Games and Crank provide readers with…show more content…
The parents of YA texts, who are typically dead, distracted, in denial, or addicted to something, deeply impact the main character, and their journey from young adult to adult. Both Katniss and Kristinas’ parents occupy roles within each text that hinder their involvement in each protagonist’s life, forcing both girls to navigate the world on their
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