Perfect Snowman Research Paper

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How to Build the Perfect Snowman
Wow look! As we drove by a house. Look at that snowman. It’s so well built, I wish my snowman can be like that. Frist, if you want to build the perfect snowman of all you need to do is follow these simple directions.
Choose the right snow. Snowman snow must be packable…take a handful of snow and shape it into a ball…roll the ball across the lawn away from self…repeat steps 1-3, twice.. stack your snowman to life. And if you what a good looking snowman you are going to need the right clothes. For example, if I don’t like the hat that my grandma gave me for charismas. I Just use that but I made sure it’s not expensive. Then for the face of the snowman, ask for some charcoal. Put it a pretty good space
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