Perfect Steak Research Paper

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Many people immediately panic when they faced with a raw steak. A perfect cooked steak is one of the delicious in the world. Steak is not easy to cook well, a perfect steak must be juicy, delicious and soften, the maturity is not easy to control for a beginner. Once you are careless, the steak may overcook or still raw. To cook a perfect steak, you need to prepare a fry pan, condiment, culinary herbs and spices, and of course a steak. You may like fillet, sirloin, ribeye or rump, but first, there are a few steps to bear in mind if you want to cook a perfect steak, whichever you choose.

First, let your steak warm up, get the steak out of the fridge and butcher paper. If the steak is cold, it is difficult to let the inner part have heat while you are cooking. Therefore, let the steak stay at room temperature for 20 minutes is the
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Before getting the steak into the pan, make sure the pan is very hot, that is going to fry the steak, not boil the steak. This step will help to let the steak caramelize while cooking, essential for a perfect steak. Then, put in olive oil, place the steak into the hot pan, and time for a minute for each side. After a minute has passed, flip the steak, keep flip it in every minute, that can get nice even color for each side, the steak starts to cook evenly. Next, that is the time to put in the butter, garlic, and thyme or rosemary. Those condiments and spices can give out flavor to the steak, which makes it tasty. Rub the steak with thyme and garlic. Use a spoon to scoop the melted butter and drop it to the upper side of the steak, that help to moisturize the steak and make sure it will not dry while the other side is cooking. For best texture, medium rare can give out the best texture, as soft as silk. After 4 minutes for each side, the steak is done. Those steps are important to let the steak to has a good flavor which is essential to a perfect steak, but it still not the final
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