Perfection In Aldous Huxley's A Brave New World

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At this day in age, perfection seems to be something everyone strives for. With the rise and popularity of social media it makes it a lot easier to create that false perfection. Whether you’re showing off your appearance, friends, partying, clothing, and traveling via social media, something is still missing within our pop culture obsessed society. Imperfections. The ugly truth is never projected where the rest of the world can see it. Just like today's culture, author Aldous Huxley perfectly displays what the manipulation of citizens views can create. In his futuristic book A Brave New World, he shows how the world state's control of its citizens creates only the illusion of perfection. Although both realities occur in different time periods (social media being current and Huxley’s hundreds of years from now) they both exemplify the effects that distorted realities can create with drug use, self denial, and conditioning. Huxley portrays an ideal image of what a functioning society should look and act like. Within a prosperous society must come satisfied…show more content…
Huxley's eye for detail made it especially easy to imagine what a dystopian world would be like with such control over image. The story comes to an end as John the savage is found dead by suicide. John being an outsider from society’s standards had a hard time understanding and following the expected rules. With all of the frustration from being harassed by media, sexual confusion, the death of his mother, death seemed like the only way to cleanse himself from society’s toxins. His suicide represents his loathing for the way that all citizens are conditioned to act. The ending of John's life terminates the minor possibility that expectations in society could change. This was not only detrimental to himself, but also it tears away any hope that society could be adjusted for the
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