Perfection In Oryx And Crake

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Imagine living in a world where people are not content with who they are, and as a result are always striving for perfection, which as learned through Oryx and Crake is unachievable without consequences. This world, portrayed in Margaret Atwood’s book, displays the different factors of how society has changed through time and displays the negative effects of people’s need to be flawless. This aspiration for unattainable perfection leads to the destruction of the society through unethical behavior, segregation, and technological advancement. Although these repercussions may seem like a small price to pay for perfection they will ultimately destroy the world as they know it. Perfection is something people strive for, but it is these ambitions that inevitably create a society filled with unethical behavior. In Oryx and…show more content…
Crake, there is a lot of disregard for what it means to be ethical, for instance “AooYoo was a collection of cesspool denizens who existed for no other reason than to prey on the phobias and void the bank
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