Perfectionism Case Study

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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1.0 Introduction This chapter includes the studies background, statement of the problem, theoretical framework, conceptual framework, significance of the study and hypotheses. 1.1 Background of Study Researcher focused much attention in studying relation of perfectionism and self esteem level. This is because these two elements are important determinants of success. Nowadays, many researchers have done their study on perfectionism in two ways either orientation perspective or adaptive perspective. Many people think of perfectionism as something and often visualize a high achiever. This is because they usually think of it as pursuing excellence or having high standards. When people pursue excellence or set high standards,…show more content…
Kim Maertz said, researcher believes that perfectionism also can affect self esteem level. This is because, Chufar & Pettijohn (2013) found adaptive perfectionist may have higher self esteem than maladaptive perfectionist. Dr. Kim Maertz also mentioned if we want to increasing self esteem, we should let go of perfectionism. Some people will decrease the level of self esteem if their achievement not up to their expectation. So, to raising back self esteem level, we need to lower the expectations and by doing so, our self esteem can soar. By understanding the concept of perfectionism and self esteem we can be more understand about others problem. This is because, some problems are comes from perfectionist behavior and level of self esteem. Example, if we have very high level of perfectionism, we may become a procrastinator (Fursland et. al.). It is a not good attitude in daily life because it may negatively affected our life and also people around us. Therefore, we can not simply judging others if we do not know others…show more content…
Based on this purpose, there are few numbers of significance on this study. The first significance of this study is by understanding the relation between perfectionism and self esteem, we can know why some student have lower self esteem. This is because there have many factors that can influence the level of self esteem. One of the factors is perfectionism. Based on what Suleyman, 2014 reported, perfectionism significantly correlated to self esteem. By understanding perfectionism also we can know either it can be positive or negative. In some cases, perfectionism may produce positive outcome and in some cases it may also lead to negative outcomes. This has been proved by Rice that believes not all aspect of perfectionism is negative. In this study, we may know either perfectionism among student can be positively affecting their self esteem or not. If the perfectionism can positively affect, level of self esteem may increased and if the perfectionism negatively affected, level of self esteem may decreased. Therefore, when we understand how perfectionism can affected the level of self esteem, we may more understand

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