Perfectionism In Joan Bauer's Short Story 'Pancakes'

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Joan Bauer reveals Jill’s perfectionism through her actions in the exposition of the story “Pancakes.”. Her short story revolves around the central idea that Jill is a perfectionist, and when things get out of hand at her job, she realizes that aid from others does not hurt. From the beginning Bauer states that Jill “...grabbed the bottle of Windex from the closet and cleaned off the gook until the mirror shined…” (327). Jill’s instantaneous action to clean depicts that she prefers everything to be to her liking. Revealing her actions of cleanliness is one of the ways Bauer shows to her audience Jill’s quirky habits. Later, Jill finds a smudge on her white quilt, and Bauer describes that she goes to get her “spot remover kit” to erase the smudge
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