Perfectionism Is Harmful

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Perfectionism is Harmful

Perfectionism is a good and bad thing. It can be extremely harmful to some and others it could help them get their everyday lives back together. Most of the time perfectionism is found to be taking to seriously and can end up harmful to someone. There are three of many different ways that take a big part in perfectionism being harmful these three are: It causes depression, It causes anger, and it also causes loneliness and life satisfaction in colleges students. Perfectionism has proved to cause depression as were most people think of it as a saving grace and it leads to a happy life. Ann W. Smith proves this to us “We live in a culture that values perfection, and that leads us to believe that doing things perfectly leads to happiness and success” (Smith). This is true, she also states that “Perfectionists have a deep need to
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They state “Anger and anger rumination are considered to be detrimental to both physical and psychological well being.Furthermore, perfectionism, as a personality construct, seems to be related to various types of maladjustment” (Besharat, shahidi 423). Along with that they also say that “Whereas perfectionism has been characterized as being positive when an individual derives pleasure from striving for excellence yet recognizes and accepts individual limitations” (Besharat, shahidi 423). It is true that most people take perfectionism as a good this but in reality is the totally opposite. They also state that “Perfectionism is seen as a multidimensional personality disposition that is characterized by setting flawless and excessively high standards for performance”(Besharat, Shahidi 424). Anger is another huge result of perfectionism and has been researched a lot this is stated here “Of all discrete emotions, anger has been the most extensively researched in the context of health.” (Besharat, Shahidi
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