Perfections In The Scarlet Letter By Nathanial Hawthorne

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Hawthorne Before reading the story the only thing I knew about Nathanial Hawthorne was that he wrote The Scarlet Letter. I have never read The Scarlet Letter but after reading the “The Birthmark” I will now. I believe that Hawthorne wants to tell his reads that all mortal things are flawed or unperfected. If we want perfection on earth it does not exists. If we want perfection it is only located in heaven creatures. Georgiana is said to be a beautiful lady and the birthmark does seem to some of the men that fell in love with before she got married. Aylmer loves his wife but because of strive for perfection he dooms his wife to death because all of his experiments never end the way he wants. When Georgiana reads Aylmer journals and realizes
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