Performance Activity 23

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IPTS 1C: understands how teaching and student learning are influenced by development (physical, social and emotional, cognitive, linguistic), past experiences, talents, prior knowledge, economic circumstances and diversity within the community Performance Activity 22: How does the teacher relate content to students’ lives? Ms. Boerema relates content to students; lives by asking students questions relating to students’ lives. The strategy she uses is relating content to prior knowledge. An example of this is asking a question relating to the Outsiders, “Which one of your parents are you most like? What similarities do you share?” The idea is to relate The Outsiders to students’ lives for students to become more engaged in the reading and maintain the novel’s events by relating events, characters, etc. to students’ lives. IPTS 1C relates to this performance activity by how the competent teacher relates students’ lives and development into a lesson. I learned prior knowledge and incorporating students’ lives into a lesson greatly impacts student learning. Performance Activity 23: Observe and record how the teacher manages the classroom. What…show more content…
Submit the coop teacher approved mini lesson plan to your supervisor for review today which is at least 2 days before the lesson is taught so that it can be returned to you with comments. On Wednesday, I will be teaching students how to write a narrative based paragraph of “What would they do if they were Ponyboy or Johnny in chapter five?” IPTS 1C and performance activity twenty-four relate to each other by how the competent teacher plans a lesson according to students’ needs. Ms. Boerema is going to make me a paragraph frame to help me teach students how to write their paragraphs. Performance activity twenty-four has taught me how to plan efficiently and effectively with my cooperating

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