Analysis: The Hunger Artist

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When you think of a performance or talent show you vision a man or women doing something mouth dropping such as tricks, singing, dancing, or any physical stunt involving other objects. But have you ever seen a performance where the talent is rather disgusting than creative? I don’t mean when a person sticks a sword in their throat to make the audience gasp, in other words, what I mean is when a person has a talent for appearance. The narrative, The Hunger Artist is when a man fasts his body as a talent show for the public to come view and see. Fasting your body is a term where you would starve yourself making your body only made of skin and bone. At first, it may seem really weird and unusual, but back then this was completely normal. One point…show more content…
The first claim was, at one point the hunger artist reached his 40-day limit becoming so weak, but he had the courage to continue fasting no matter what. Second, the hunger artist turning into a type of animal in his cage shows where he went too far for attention reaching past the limits he had. Third, the hunger artist found out his talent was coming out of date, instead of quitting he reached another goal of joining the circus. Fourth, from the hunger artist getting passed at the circus proves he failed at his one true goal making him finally see the outcome from previous moments. The theme that I was mainly connecting to was the message of, do your very best to get what you desire but don’t go so far too extreme measures. The last paragraph of this story is sharing how the hunger artist died, but one boy came over to ask why he didn’t stop fasting, his excuse was he couldn’t find anything he liked to eat. We all truly know he just wanted the right amount of attention from certain people applauding him of his talent, fasting. The hunger artist did everything he could to become the greatest performer of fasting, along with being so weak and full of pain he didn’t reach his
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