Performance Appraisal In Coca Cola

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Performance appraisal is a formal scheme that is used to analyze and evaluate how an individual or a team performs on their task. The appraisal of an employee is based on his or her job performance, it not prejudiced by the employees’ personality and characteristics. Sensible precision and uniformity is used to measure their skills and accomplishments. This helps the management to discover the areas for employee performance enhancement and to encourage professional growth. Performance management is a continuous process of identifying, measuring, and developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance with the strategic goals of the organization.
Appraisal activities are important to improve employees
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Beside this, employees are the most important assets in every organization. Satisfaction of employees drives the organization successful because if they are satisfied, they will work hard for the organization. Every organization has its policy. Coca-cola company apply open door policy to their employees. So, the employees are independent and they can contact directly to the manager of their department if faced any problem in the work. Coca-cola believes that it can lead them to a better position in the…show more content…
Coca-Cola does the performance evaluation based on their organization’s goals. The performance appraisal at Coca-Cola seems like have a connection with the performance feedback. Every year, Coca-Cola tells the employees about their goals of the current year, and the company will appraise the employees if they achieve the goal. According to the articles that we found, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd, Vishakhapatnam (HCCBPL) which is a multinational company helping their employees to develop their performance as well as their career growth in the organization ,through practices the performance
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