Performance Enhancing Drugs Should Be Banned In Sports

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Performance enhancing drugs are substances or drugs that are used to improve any form of activity performance in humans. These performance enhancing drugs have the ability or potential to tremendously alter the human body. The use of those performance enhancing drugs in competitive sports is known as doping. This includes the fact that it can also improve an athlete's performance in certain areas. This is the reason why many athletes and bodybuilders are associated with the use of PEDs (Reardon and Creado, 2014). Even though, these performance enhancing substance can improve an athlete's performance, but they also can cause many negative effects on the athletes body. This is the reason why the use of many performance enhancing drugs has been banned in sports…show more content…
The usage of PEDs ruins the game and an athletes reputation. It allows those who use them to enhance their performance at time of play and puts who don’t use them at a disadvantage. This causes cheating to arise which makes doping athletes immoral. The fact that PEDs create cheating is not as bad as how they can harm the body in a deadly way. They can cause heart attacks and cause the malfunction of vital organs in your body such as the liver. The effects those PEDs can cause on the body are known as “life-threatening”. This can then also lead future athletes the wrong way as they see their role models succeed through immoral action and imitate them. The best solution provided was banning the use of PEDs. The implications of this solution is that more testing are done on athletes to see if they are involved in the usage of PEDs. However, a limitation to this solution is that not everyone is respecting this law and are still using PEDs in order to gain the advantage over their in order to win. The usage of PEDs doesn’t prove who's better, but rather the use of natural talent and hard work proves who is the
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