Performance Evaluation In Education

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SEMESTER 2 / 2015

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Question 1
Performance Assessment
Performance assessment is an all-encompassing term used to include products and procedures such as portfolios, projects and experiments (Johnson, R., Penny, J. A., & Gordon, B, 2009). The portfolio is one type of performance assessment which is employed to establish the student’s achievement of learning in practice (Popham, 2005). A portfolio is a meaningful collection of student
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Through the demonstration of problem solving strategies, students’ higher-order thinking could be discovered. According to (Adi Badiozaman, 2006), teachers are far from ready to implement the school-based assessment into the education system. They do not fully realize the concept of school-based assessment and lack the know how in developing the assessment tasks. The major weakness with performance assessment is very time consuming for students and teachers. This means that fewer assessments can be gathered so if they are not carefully devised fewer learning goals will be assessed at which can reduce content validity. A research done by (Chan, Y. F., & Gurnam, K. S, 2010) on portfolio assessment, some students commented it was a sheer waste of time whilst others stressed they did not know what to write as they were most of the time repeating the same thing. Another weakness of performance assessment is hard to assess reliability, which can lead to inaccuracy and unfair evaluation. Also, the teachers’ knowledge and expertise in a subject matter is vital and may influence negatively upon the students’ learning. Are the teachers experienced and trained enough to adequately apply authentic performance assessment with their students? The execution of performance assessment in Malaysia is a really challenging task. Teachers…show more content…
Before transmitting the performance tasks for moderation and review, I will try to look for the different approaches, students may take and the difficulties they will run into. I will read the lesson plan carefully, acting upon the tasks and visualizing the sequence of activities for my students. Sometimes, I will devise assessments that are interesting and that the students enjoy but do not require pupils to practice higher level cognitive skills that contribute to important learning. Nevertheless, some of the performance assessments will be concentrated on higher lever skills to those learning outcomes which are peculiarly significant. I found performance assessments are typically time consuming. When conducting the performance task, I will ensure that the task is clear to students. The project designed to typically take multiple steps, so students need to have prerequisite skills and cognition as well as clear instructions. Careful scaffolding is important for successful performance assessment. Scoring rubrics are provided to students before they work on the task. When the students took up work on task, I will arrive at the observation and facilitate the whole operation. When I work with small groups of struggling mathematics students. I often take quick notes on what they are struggling with so that I review the skill

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