Performance Evaluation Self Assessment

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Performance Evaluation Self- Assessment Checking for Comprehension My first Checking for Comprehension assignment I didn’t do so well. I struggled with Part 1 of Checking for Comprehension 1. On part 2 I received full points, which was good. Where I believe I went wrong on Part 1 was that I mixed up and misunderstood some the terminology. On Checking for Comprehension Assignment 2 I didn’t better I still didn’t receive full points. I received a 34 out of 40, which means I lost 6 points. I’m not sure what I got wrong because I didn’t receive grading rubric back, but I’m sure it was terminologies again because Part 2 of the assignment is getting out and actually applying the knowledge which is what I am best at. On Checking for Comprehension…show more content…
Which I bother completed with the help of my teammates. The concepts we learned in class help determine things like what kind of building I was going to have for my online website. My team received a 35 out 40 on the Hiring Report. One of things we misses point on was how we were going to incorporate diversity into the workplace and employee incentives. Store Simulation – Phase 3 For Phase 3 of the Store Simulation Project my team and I and to complete the Merchandise Report. It was somewhat different deciding what celebrity looks we were going to choose, but I had everyone pick out one to two celebrity looks they loved and I will pick those items as the products to be sold in the merchandise report. Finding items that looked similar to celebrity looks was a challenge but we managed to do it as a team. We received a 35 out of 40 on this report. Store Simulation – Phase 4 This phase include the Pricing Report. My group and I had to work to figure out how we should price out items. We also had to conduct research to see what the consumer would like the most. This project also included an Open-to-Buy Plan. This assignment I’m sure is closely related to what retail buyer has to do to for every…show more content…
Although we worked almost up until the last day, I was extremely proud of myself and my team that we pulled this off in such a short amount of time. One of our look books got accepted into the showcase and we also won the “Best In Show” award. This assignment was such a success and by far my favorite. This assignment made realize how important teamwork is and how everyone has role and things can go well if everyone plays their part. I think I lead the group very well in deciding what looks we should style, the location of photoshoot, and photography of the

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