Employee Performance Issues Essay

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Performance issues are very common problems at workplaces. Managers usually are unsatisfied and frustrated with their employee performance problems but they do not often spend time and effort to find out why it occurs. It is crucial for managers to have some thoughts about the causes of the problem before confronting their employees about this specific subject. The following part of the report will outline those questions and ideas that can allow us to understand the situation better. At workplace, the employer and employee have to corporate well with each other. First, the employee is supposed to produce the planned and expected results. On the other hand, employer has to manage to create a suitable working environment for the employee.…show more content…
It is very essential the employees understand well enough the task and policy. How? The manager should explain to the staff the objectives and goals that the company is looking to achieve, this little explanation could motivate the employees and make a big change. 2. Is employee being recognized and rewarded through their performance? No matter how good an employee performs his/her job, if the manager is not recognizing them, at one point the their performance will start to decline and slowly lose its initial enthusiastic. It is very crucial that the managers recognise their staff performance and give rewards and bonuses to encourage them, it is a good way to push their performances. 3. Does the employee know that he/she is having a poor performance? Sometimes, the manager chooses to avoid telling a specific employee about his/her bad performance, they either fail to take any action to inform the employees or choose to do nothing. It is obviously better to tell someone if they were not doing well otherwise they would assume nothing is wrong and continue to do what they’re
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