Performance Management: Improving Place Of Work

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Performance Management can be described as a process by which organisations set goals, determine standards, assign and evaluate work, and distribute rewards (Varma et al 2008, cited in Carbery and Cross 2013). It can help align an organisation’s strategies to the day-to-day practices of its staff, and how those staff can influence the achievement of the organisations objectives through management of their performance. This report will make a case for introducing a performance management system in the place of work. It will address the objectives of performance management, outline the benefits and also examine a healthcare perspective in implementation of a performance
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It also uses feedback which can lead to reinforcement of strengths and single out areas for improvement.
The performance management system can allow managers to align employee goals with departmental objectives which make them beneficial to the department. The use of a system can also pinpoint training needs at employee level and team level. Finally, it can introduce a practice of ongoing feedback used to monitor performance levels and increase the occurrence of effective interventions in performance and development.
The use of a performance management system can allow the organisation to align employee goals with organisational priorities to maximise the benefit from the employee. It can also encourage development of employees in the organisation on a more proactive level. Open discussions are more likely to occur between employee and manager which is a communication benefit and finally, the implementation of a good performance management system can increase the likelihood of effective performance reviews and more relevant outcomes for the
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It included many different aspects to capture a broad perspective on how a performance management system can improve an organisation as a whole. It covered the six purposes according to Dr Herman Aguinis and summarised each purpose as to how it could be used. The report looked at the benefits from three perspectives: Employee, Manager and Organisation and how these benefits fit into organisational performance. Finally, it covered the feedback received from a pilot programme implementing a performance management system in a healthcare setting for relevance

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