Objectives Of Performance Management

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Definition of Performance Management is “a strategy which relates to every activity of the organisation set in the context of its human resource policies, culture, and style and communication systems. The nature of the strategy depends on the organisational context and can vary from organisation to organisation`. Reference : Armstrong and Baron (1998:x)

The objective of performance management is to bring out the best in workers, through goal setting with a given set of tasks.
It is an ongoing process that entails the use of performance appraisals and work reviews are held, with a view to ensure the goals of the company are met.
Reviews and appraisals should be held on a regular basis, ie monthly or annual basis.
The size of the company
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The evaluation process must set out goal and objective setting and the overall strategy of the company.
Elements of key performance indicators
Measurement – All targets set by the company should be adequately assessed by the company to determine actual performance.
Feedback – On a continual basis, up to date honest and constructive criticism should be given back to the employee on their performance and progress.
Positive Reinforcement – By giving positive constructive criticism, we can empower staff to better results by acknowledging their accomplishments and seeking out improvements in work quality.
Exchange of views – An honest exchange of views about the present work situation and its associated problems can improve dialogue and work performance.
Follow up supports from their managers will instil confidence in the employee to fulfil their achievements and inspire them onto greater success.
Agreement – A joint accord that will provide for an understanding between both parties will forge a relationship built on mutual respect and understanding. When staff and management sing from the same hymn- sheet, performance levels will rise to unprecedented
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Weddings, conferences set ups depends on numbers attending. A very tight schedule is needed to avoid disappointed guests.
References “Armstrong and Baron (1998: x)
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Question 3
Yearlong plan from a duty manager for hotel employees
The hotel season is split between the off season.ie, the quiet months of winter and spring and the on season from summer to autumn.
All in house training should occur in this period. Training such as Iso2000 and HAACP programmes are worth pursuing. A time frame for ISO2000 should take three months to implement.
All the staff from all divisions in the hotel will be invited in for a general meeting to discuss this plan.
The general manager, all duty managers, head chef shall be present.
The general manager will brief the assembled audience, explain in precise detail the goals and objectives of the overall plan.
Feedback will be invited from the staff, and all opinions, good, bad, or indifferent will be listened to.
Starting the following Monday the plan will be implanted in full.
The ISO2000 template means that all procedures in the hotel will be carried out uniformly.
No deviations in procedures will be

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