Eight Principles Of Effective Performance Management

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Performance management is seen as a systematic process that helps an organization in sustaining their successful progress. There are also other perspectives towards the definition of performance management such as by DeNisi (2000), Performance management is a range of practices an organization engages in to enhance the performance of a target person or group with the ultimate purpose of improving organizational performance. While, according to DeNisi and Pritchard (2006), Performance management is a board set of activities aimed at improving employee performances. This definition has pointed out that the performance management are focusing on achieving success for both the employees and organization itself.
The aims of performance management
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As respectively agreed and suggested by Strebler, Bevan and Robertson (2001), there are nine principles of effective performance management such as first, to have a clear aims and measurable success criteria, second, be designed and implemented with appropriate employee involvement, third, be simple to understand and operate, fourth, to have its effective use core to all management goals, fifth, allow employees a clear ‘line of sight’ between their performance goals and those of the organization, sixth, to focus on role clarity and performance improvement, seventh, be closely allied to a clear and adequately resourced training and development infrastructure, eight, make crystal clear the purpose of any direct link to reward and build in proper equity and transparency safeguards and ninth, be regularly and openly reviewed against its success…show more content…
The Google Inc Company was rated Forbes top place to work in 2012 and 2013 and has been consistently ranked in the top five working place. This successful achievement are the result of an effective use of performance management by Google Inc, where they focuses on three specific keys of performance management such as goal setting, performance review and performance improvement plans which was listed by American National Standard (ANS) as the guideline. The goal setting is where the manager set annual goals and communicate them to their employees. The performance reviews are standardized to ensure consistency in raters, departments and jobs. Improvement plans are where the methods that consist of motivation, coaching and mentoring, effective recognition and effective communication are
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