Coca Cola Performance Analysis

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Performance Measurements

Performance appraisal
What it is?

It is a measurement that evaluates the quality of an employee’s performance. This measurement give appraisals to employees based on several factors such as job knowledge, quality and quantity of work produced, initiative, leadership, judgment, health and versatility. All of these factors must link to organizational objectives, day to day performance and professional development. Actions will be taken based on the appraisals such as rewards or punishments.
How Does Coca Cola do it?
Coca cola perform appraisal annually. They will set the goals at the start of every year and inform the employees to reach the goals set by the company. If the employees achieve the goals mentioned by them,
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By far, employees are one of the most important tools or asset for a company to has an effective and efficient supply chain that ensure uninterrupted flow of product or services (forward) and information plus cash flow (backward). It helps to generate profit, make company to sustain in the market in all possible ways.
By applying this performance appraisal in Coca Cola company, Coca Cola able to fully utilised their workforce and enable each associate brings his or her unique talents and ideas to work every day to help to effectively manage Coca-Cola system that defined as global business that operates on a local scale.
Thus, performance appraisal in management of Coca Cola is necessary to make sure their products flow to the end consumers is smooth and uninterrupted. Performance appraisal will enhance the productivity of all Coca Cola’s employees to work their daily task from the beginning of supply chain till the end regardless of geographical
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It can ensure they have enough water supplies to produce their products like Coke and meet customers’ demands. It can also help Coca Cola to improve their operations in creating their products and forecasting as this KPI accurately provides the amount of water required in generating certain amount of products in terms of volume, thus they can make calculations on the volume of clean water needed for subsequent

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