Performance Testing In Agile Case Study

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Maximizing ROI with effective agile performance testing practice TEST NEXT Symposium 2014 Author: Srinivasulu Kota Optum Global Solutions HITECCITY 2 BUILDING H06 Gachibowli Village Hyderabad…show more content…
Performance testing in Agile Performance testing plays important role in project/product delivery. In waterfall model, performance testing is moved to the end of the life cycle just before UAT. In some cases, it might even ignore due to last minutes changes, infrastructure constraints, project delivery timelines and projects are delivered to production without performance testing. This costs much to the project if performance issues are found in production and starting from requirements every phase has to reviewed again and to make sure project meeting performance SLAs. FIG3: Performance testing in agile FIG3. Shows how different phases are performed in agile and where performance testing is involved. As per the above performance testing is initiated at later stages. The case of performance testing is different with Agile. In this sprint based approach, performance testing is started where exactly integration testing is completed. Here are some best practices that can be adoptable to projects running in agile and performance testing is…show more content…
Before get into this we should know the contributors which are types of investments and which are revenue generating factors. Here are the various types of investments that are into application performance testing. They include skilled resources, H/W and S/W environments, Tools/Utilities for productivity and Analysis. FIG 4 depicts various contributors that can accumulate to investments in performance testing. FIG 4: Performance testing Investment contributors W.r.t performance testing and engineering, the returns include the following: o Very good application responsive thus increases TPS. o Infrastructure efficient usage (Avoids unnecessary expenses for extra hardware capacity). o Optimized application with best possible configurations. We should also understand the losses if performance testing is not performed and application is deployed into productions. These losses are highly significant for e-commerce applications and OLTP applications. o Loss in User base which directly impacts revenue. o Loss in Market share. o Decrease in ROI with overall IT

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