Pericarditis Research Paper

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CARDITIS The inflammation of muscle tissue in the heart is called Carditis, and these inflammation is arranged into three different types of categories depending on the location of the inflammation. These different type of inflammation are known as Endocarditis, Myocarditis, and Pericarditis. Within the three categories they all have similar diagnosis and similar formulas in diagnosing the inflammation. Carditis are to be indicated as the inflammation of the heart muscle and Pancarditis is to be presented as the inflammation of the whole heart. Endocarditis The inflammation of the interior heart tissue or the endocardium is known as Endocarditis. To line inner cavities of the heart and to form the innermost tissue of the heart it has to be a collection of endothelium and…show more content…
Inflammation of the pericardium is identified as Pericarditis. The sac that is filled with fluid covering the heart and defending it is the pericardium. When the sac-like covering the heart or the pericardium becomes irritated it, then inflamed and caused pericarditis. Pericarditis may be defined as acute or chronic. Chronic pericarditis persists up to six months or longer while acute pericarditis it lasts in less than a few weeks. Both types of pericarditis symptoms can vary, but the common symptoms are sharp and piercing chest pain from the center or left side of the chest, shortness of breath when lying down, sensation of weakness and fatigue, fever in low grade, and swelling of legs or abdomen. Cause of Carditis Infection is mostly the cause of Carditis however, it can differentiate on its affected location. Endocarditis is caused mostly by bacteria that goes in the body which can be passed through oral activities, existing medical condition, and dental procedures. As for myocarditis it is caused by variations or different types of infections. These may include virus, sarcoidosis or inflammation of tissues of the body and it is also caused by immune disease and
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